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Is Your Firm in Danger of Becoming Commoditized?

Posted by picinnov2013 in Business & Technology on February 16, 2013 with No Comments

Business Commoditization

Will the Traditional Client Acquisition/Service/Retention Model Survive As Globalization Causes More Economic Decline? As the first-world economies continue to be bombarded with high unemployment, high prices, over-population and so on, firms struggle to retain clients who want to test the new economic model. This empowerment takes the form of asking/demanding price relief for compliance-oriented services or low value B2B services. Commoditizing a firm is no longer a solution especially as the traditional economic model seems to be growing outdated, due to a growing flood of free goods & services largely due to the IT revolution that began almost decade ago.

Baton Handoff : Making Sense with Software Integration

Posted by picinnov2013 in Business & Technology on February 16, 2013 with No Comments

Can you say with 100% confidence that “In my company, a set of data is entered into the computers only ONCE and then it is only utilized or enriched by everyone else who needs to use it? How many software applications do you have in your office? How many disparate office tools do you have? Have you thought about using software integration to make your data literally talk to each other? The idea of the paperless office was projected as just a dream only a few years ago, but now it seems that it is only a matter of time before all companies hoping to remain relevant in this new economic era make the switch.



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